I may be in love! New BWC with faceted fascia panel
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I have a few watches but rarely does a design blow me away. It may not be to everyones taste, but, it is to mine.

A couple of days ago I missed a BWC from the same seller. Id sat looking at the listing umming and arring over whether to take the risk. When I pulled the trigger she was gone.
Gutted I noticed the seller had a silver teletime with original strap at a ridiculous price and took that instead as a consolation. I mailed the seller to let him know of my purchase and my disappointment at missing the BWC. He mailed me back about half an hour later saying he’d listed another BWC. Excited I quickly went to his listings and saw a BWC(at double his original sale price) but in a different colour. This time I didn’t think twice and just pulled the trigger. It arrived a few days ago and as he had said it was non functioning I thought it was just something nice to put in my collection.
Today I opened it. Wow what a beauty. NOS and a faceted metallic fascia panel that Ive never seen before.
Just for the hell of it I thought Id try a battery(whats a RW35?) I could find anything to the right size so tried a LR44, just moving it around see if I could get any life, then all of a sudden FLASH! working with digits, today is a good day. I need to find a RW35 if anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be good.

I added a recently found shagrin band that hopefully suits it. Straight into my top 5.

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Nice find.

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Congratulations. What a find and curious story. Enjoy it!!