Back to the Future Part II
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This is a continuation of my previous Back to the Future thread. In this thread I will show the watches from BTTF II and III and show some interesting inconsistencies and prop errors.

In Back to the Future II, although they coincide with each other, not only has Marty’s girlfreind changed from Claudia Wells to Elizabeth Shue as Jennifer, but you will notice that his CA-50 has suddenly changed to a CA53. Back to the Future II was filmed several years after the first and this is most evident in the first scene as it is a re shot of the last scene of movie #1.

Here is a screen shot of the CA53 in BTTF II

Here is Marty wearing a CA53 in BTTF III, so at least there is a consistency here.

Now for some interesting fun. Check out the screne shots from these scenes and try to figure out what is happening.

Here is the scene in the first movie where Doc and Marty are trying to get Marty back to the future. Here Marty is seen with the CA50 on his left wrist as usual


Here he is getting into the car just minutes later


Now look, just minutes later Marty is seen complaining that he wished he had more time since the Doc tore up his letter. Look at his left wrist. Where is the CA-50?


Next, here is Marty after he discovers that he is the owner of that great Toyota 4x4. For some reason he is not wearing his watch. Thats no big deal, so I guess he took it off before going to bed. Here are two screen shots.



Now, look at the scene re-shot with Elizabeth Shue as Jennifer. Now, not only does he have the watch on, but it has suddenly changed from a CA-50 to a CA-53, easily distiguishable by the recognizable band that Casio is still using on these to this day. See how many other things you can spot that are different such as Marty’s hair, the license plate, tools, shadows, etc…



Here are a couple other errors.

Here is Marty NOT wearing his watch when trying to get the almanac from Strickland. This is the same hand that Strickland crushes. Notice the absence of a watch on the left wrist.


Not too much later, Marty in the same jacket, while the Doc is hovering over him in the time machine, you can see the watch on his left wrist.


Finally, at the end when the Doc sees Marty after sending him back and passes out, Marty is taking his vitals and you can clearly see no watch on his left wrist even though this is just minutes after he had the watch on.


There is one more instance where Marty is not wearing the watch after he meets his mother in 1955 while still wearing his other 80s clothes, but he could have simply had it in his pocket, so I wrote that one off.

Can you spot any more? I would love to hear your comments. Please read the previous post too. If you love the movie like I do, you will find it interesting.

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Nice research here too!

When I rewatch the movies I will watch out for the wristwatches!

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Here is a viable link to the database page of the Casio CA-53 calculator watch the original poster was mentioning: