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Other Great Digital Watch Sites








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Seiko LCD Collector

Truly beautiful site of excellently photographed Seikos by a true collector

History of the Solar Wristwatch

History of solar watches including many digitals nicely laid out in a year by year table.

Monde Watch

Takaharus stunning site of extremely rare and beautiful digital watches. Excellently photographed. Check out uber rare Seiko Ana-digis. Takaharu also wrote the superb Mondo Watch LED and LCD volumes. An absolute must for the digital watch collector.

What is it with men and their watches?

Interesting article in the Guardian about Mans passion with his beloved watch.

We are traffickers of fine vintage watches, particularly of the 1960s and 1970s. Vintage watches from this period showcase the very best of the watchmaking craft bringing together both art and science in a tangible form. Whether your particular affliction is classic mechanical watches, eco-friendly automatic watches, space age electric watches, humming tuning fork watches, blingy LED watches, or dependable LCD watches, we've got 'em. Stop by and we'll be happy to share (some of) our stash with you.

Pocket Calculator Show Digital Watch Forum

Great forum with really helpful members, with a massive knowledge of digital watches. Go and have a look round the rest of the site its well worth a visit

The passage of Time

A very well thought out blog site on Casio G-Shocks but mainly DW5600, also good article on watch photography. Which is probably why the photography is excellent

Nerd Watch Collection

Another inspirational site that led to the making of the DWL. This fully loaded Casio site has been a major digital watch collectors resource for a long time as its packed with hundreds of Casios


Partner shop of selling NOS and used vintage retro digital watches, serviced and ready to go. Also some NOS parts available.

In my opinion - An LCD Watch Blog

Great blog site with very cool "How to" articles on saving and restoring digital watches as well as tons more useful information on mainly Casio digital watches


Fantastic forum with some of the most knowledgeable digital watch members on the planet. Extremely friendly and quick to help even the most newbie of questions. Fine bunch of friendly watch nerds.

A reference site to mostly vintage LCD and LED watches, but also keeping up to tabs on modern watches.

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